The story inside a painting

Almost every painting I’ve done has its own unique story. Even if it’s not something too exciting I can still remember how I felt while creating it, what season it was outside, how I felt while creating the piece.

So, I have a little story to tell. It’s about two sleeping cats. I go to work during the week and I often sit outside alone during my lunch hour. It’s the time I get to (eat), think, daydream, draw, read or take pictures with my phone. There is this quiet playground where I often spend this time and get to do my thing or just look around and see the people passing by. Cats are of course in the picture and I took this photo one of the times:

Just #love

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I still meet those two troublemakers when I go there and they are the faulty ones for inspiring me to draw more. They can perfectly tell the story of my painting. A story about piece and quiet, about autumn and love. Because sadly,

animals are much better teachers when it comes to love, rather than humans.

Animals are not jealous, nor greedy. They can either show love, be nice or just ignore you, which is still alright. They can tell a story of a painting so easily.

First a sketch, but a couple of days later, I could not get any sleep until I finished the watercolour on this one illustration that I am beginning to be so proud of:

sleeping cats watercolor painting drawing

The story behind a painting – Sleeping cats

It’s my baby, it’s the fruit of my inspiration and love. I miss the summer so bad, but autumn is so wonderful that I just can’t help it but enjoy it. Be alone when you need to so you can spot all the things that can actually make you happy. I called this blog Happy2cycle and I’ve realised that I need to do more to spread this message. It doesn’t need to be only cycling what makes you happy, you need to find your own story and inspiration. Happy thoughts and useful changes would follow, I guarantee this. 

And lastly, if you feel burdened, go on a diet and avoid bad thoughts and negative people.

Oh, and with Hope Sandoval’s new album coming out soon… I just can’t have a better month than October this year:))

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