Custom Pet Portraits for FREE

Custom Pet Portraits are Awesome!

I have a SMALL SURPRISE for you. Get the chance to have your Custom Pet Portraits done for free.
WHY I’m doing this? Well. it’s very simple. I’m planning on creating a new gig for custom pet illustrated portraits. For this reason I would need to do two, three or four sample drawings.

So, instead of just finding random cat or dog’s images on the internet and create few artworks for my portfolio, I want to make someone happy and do their PET’S PORTRAIT FOR FREE. To view more of my artworks like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram @happy2cycle

I love animals and I find that I don’t do enough animal related artworks or drawings, and I’d so much like to change that and I think that custom pet portraits is the way! Work and pleasure do go together sometimes… like a wink and a smile.

Custom pet portraits dog

So, if you are interested in joining in my adventure, like my Facebook page and then send me your pet’s photo on email: kremi.petkova [at]

Not long after that I would begin work on your custom dog portrait or custom cat portrait… or a bird, or a hamster… It’s up to you.

I keep my right to choose the photo I like best 🙂 Let’s go!

Custom pet portraits cat

And if by the time you read this, I’m long time ready with the free portraits, you could always find me on Fiverr just click the link and order your commissioned artwork. You will definitely make someone really happy with it.

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