About Me

Hello everyone!
My name is Kremi and welcome to my blog about cycling, drawing and all the other stuff that come up to my mind in the meantime! This is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time now, to share my cycling experiences and illustrations.

I had never really thought that cycling would bring me this much joy and feeling of freedom. What was I doing until now really? But better start late than never after all.

Anyway, I often go on day trips with the road cycling club I’m part of to explore the sights nearby. It’s often in an over 50 km range, which turns into a good exercise too:)

You will often see me post pictures from my solo trips, when I usually stop somewhere nice and quite and do some reading or drawing (my other two ever so lovely and favorite hobbies). Other times I would just try to show off with the art I have created either on paper or digital with Photoshop.

So stay tuned and I’ll be more than happy to hear back from you too!

Also, if you fancy, feel free to check out my Facebook page where I tend to post my drawings:) https://www.facebook.com/happytocycle/